As explained in the unit of Roma organization, Roma arrived in Balkans far before the Ottomans and by the flag which was given to Roma by Ottomans, it is clearly seen that it was received by Muslim-Shiya Roma who to date live in Prizren and other places of Kosovo.

The mentioned flag in Prizren - Terzimahala has its own celebration and annualy its day is celebrated on May the 22-24 th and this day si called Hedernebi. As people are busy working the day closest to Saturday is taken to consideration. The standard-bearer firstly exposes the flag with a certain ceremony-prayers done by sheikh`s. Youngsters and other who wish to be healthy go under the flag. In the neighbourhood is played music and women dance by wearing their best clothes. The flag goes to a village called Lezya. There is a holly stone, the grave of Lez Umer Baba/Lez father and many people visit this place. People who go to visit do some prayers and leave some gifts for their prayers to be accepted. It is told that those who wish to have children/boys must put their ears near the stone, and if they hear the cradle then their wish will come true.

In this place people who slaughtered and those whose wishes were realized deliver meat to people in need.

The flag is left one night there and people who sent the flag on that day drink, sing and play music. After the war in Kosovo this ceremony is celebrated by less people.

This ceremony takes place only in Prizren and this is only Roma holiday. However there are many other people who come to visit the flag, give presents and go to mountains/Lezya.

It is important to mention that before this was celebrated on the dry weather, when there is no rain, and people used to pray to flag and wish it would rain. The elderly people tell that as they used to pray for rain, prior they arrived home, it would rain.





In Prizren and other cities of Kosovo inhabited by Roma blacksmiths, In Macedonia blacksmith Roma, in Nis blacksmith Roma etc. say that their leader was St David and they pretend St David to be their messenger. These Prizren Roma claim that St. David`s day is on June the 29th and on July the 9th in Nish. These other dates tell the difference of the calendar from old to new (Julian-Gregorian). This day is called Piresko dive/The day of Piri.

From the history is known that St David was a King and Messenger but he was ensuring his living through the occupation of blacksmith and was shaping a metal by hands.

In the day of Piri seniors gather and the juniors perform before their teachers and this is how juniors are transferred to seniors and seniors take other juniors to practice the occupation.

These blacksmith Roma who live in Kosovo and are Muslims, blame the other Muslims because they celebrate this holiday and very frequently because of this many conflicts take place.

Kudus –Jerusalem –St. David grave


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