The greatest language family counting some hundreds of languages and dialects (450-586) is Indo-European group of language including many languages from Europe, Iran, Eastern and Southern Asia, Western and Southern Asia and languages of Anatolia. These languages are used by approximately 3 billion people in the World, which out of that 1.7 billion speak as a mother tongue. It is believed that these languages were the same and nowadays remained only their family. This statement is supported by archeologists and linguists but they still do not know what the first language was and still remains the biggest discussion among the scientists.

In order to know this, we must know where did the Indo-European languages derive from?

As considered by the scientists all Indo-European languages derive from Pre–Indo-European which were spoken among the people from the Black Sea until the Volga Sea and were further spread in today’s places. According to the Kurgan hypothesis, all these languages derive from Kurgan culture (Russia) and were spread in other places from 5000 to 4500 years BC.

This hypothesis was given by Mariya Gimbutas, Lithuanian/ American archeologist in 1956.

Another hypothesis given by the British archeologist Colin Renfrew in 1987, called as Anatoly hypothesis, says that the birth place of Indo-European language is Anatolia, today`s Turkey, in a place Qatalhöyük, today's Konya and from there were further spread in Balkans, Europe and later in some Asian places from 9800 - 7800 before our era.

As the technology develops at the same time we may control human movements and nowadays with the newest technology we may see where did many previous generations come from and who is closer to whom genetically. This indicates the research which according to human Y-DNA shows that people do not derive from India but they moved to India. You may check this in the books: Lambert Dolphin "The Table of Nations" , Professor Stephen Oppenheimer in his book 'Out of Eden' (2003) and other professionals who are dealing with this


As indicated by this hypothesis and according to the human Y- DNA, as supported by archeologists and linguist it shows that Indo-European language family is not from India and 50% of Romani Y-DNA indicates Anatolia-Mesopotamia as the hometown of Roma. Therefore the statement that a nation belongs to a certain place just because it uses a Indo-European languages is not that sustainable, therefore I think we must investigate and look for another facts in order to find the hometown of Roma.


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